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Postby Shmo » 16 Mar 2008

Is it possible to create paintbars with Multicharts?

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Postby TJ » 16 Mar 2008

you can use PlotPaintBar

note: if you want it to highlight a specific regular price bar, simply set the bar to thick, then the visual order to the back.

Description from Powerlanguage Built-in Dictionary:

Plots the specified numerical expressions in the form of a bar chart.
Plot name, color, and plot line width can be specified by using the optional parameters.

PlotPaintBar plot can be superimposed on top of one or more bars of a bar chart, effectively "painting" the bars.
PlotPaintBar (BarHigh, BarLow, BarOpen, BarClose <,"PlotName"<,PlotColor <,Default <,LineWidth >>>>)

Parameters inside the angled brackets are optional
BarHigh, BarLow, BarOpen, BarClose - numerical expressions specifying the High, Low, Open, & Close prices for the bars to be plotted; at least two of these parameters are required

PlotName - an optional parameter; assigns a name to the plot

PlotColor - an optional parameter; specifies the plot color
Plot color can be specified by a numerical expression representing an RGB color number or a legacy color value, by one of 17 base color words, or by the word Default to specify the color chosen by the user. In order for PlotColor to be used, PlotName parameter must also be used.

Default - an optional parameter reserved for future use; should be specified as Default; use of this parameter is required in order for LineWidth to be used

LineWidth - an optional parameter; specifies the plot line width, ranging from 1 to 14
Plot line width can be specified as a numerical expression or by the word Default to specify the line width chosen by the user. In order for LineWidth to be used, PlotName, PlotColor, and Default parameters must also be used.


is the equivalent of:


In order for the PlotPaintBar plot to be displayed in the form of a bar chart, the plot type for each Plot must be set, in the Style section of the General tab of the Format Indicator window, to Bar High, Bar Low, Left Tick, and Right Tick, respectively.
Paint red these bars of an OHLC chart for which the Open price is less then the Open price of the previous bar:

If Open<Open[1] Then

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