Arrow Styles - ARW_SetStyle

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Arrow Styles - ARW_SetStyle

Postby QCDragon » 18 Feb 2016

FYI - If you haven't seen all the Arrow Styles in relation to one another, I have attached a JPG file showing them all (style 0 - 13).

The following code on a MINUTE chart will show you them all on (CurrentDate) starting at the 10:00 bar...

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VAR: UpArrow_Q(FALSE),
ArrowStyle_0to13(0); //3 = TRIANGLE

if date = currentdate and time >= 1000 AND ArrowStyle_0to13 < 14 then begin
value1 = arw_new_bn(currentbar, L -.25,UpArrow_Q);
value2 = arw_new_bn(CurrentBar, H + .25, DownArrow_Q);
arw_setsize(value1, ArowSize_Q);
arw_setsize(value2, ArowSize_Q);

arw_setstyle(value1, ArrowStyle_0to13);
arw_setstyle(value2, ArrowStyle_0to13);
ArrowStyle_0to13 += 1;
arw_setcolor(value1, UpColor_Q);
arw_setcolor(value2, DnCOlor_Q);

Arrow Styles.JPG
Arrow Styles 0 - 13
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