Why do I get a new message "Backfilling"

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Why do I get a new message "Backfilling"

Postby bowlesj3 » 26 Mar 2008


Today (the 26th) I have returned my 3 database files from 2008/03/24 16:16 due to this message "Backfilling" which first occured this morning after a bad close down I had yeterday (the 25th). So I am now repairing the MC 3.0 installation, recompiling all the studies and trying again to restart MC 3.0 with these returned 2008/03/24 16:16 files.

So during a normal start I just get the message "waiting for data" and fairly quickly it loads down. Is backfilling where it gets the current days data first then if there is a day missing between the current days data and the data on the database it is going back to fill in that day (or days). In this case I guess it is the 25th day it is backfilling. While it is showing this message I see the data for today on the screen. If I am correct in my assumption as to what backfilling is then does this backfilling normally take a long time (like 10+ minutes or more)? By the way this is with IB and TWS. (Interactive Brokers and Traders Work Station).


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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 26 Mar 2008

Hi John,

"Backfilling" in the status line means that while some of the data has been already received from the provider and plotted on the charts, the program is still waiting for some of the requested quotes. What period is being backfilled depends on the data that you already have in the data base and the period that is missing.

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