A ToDo List for safe Upgrades of MC (and going back fast)

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A ToDo List for safe Upgrades of MC (and going back fast)

Postby bowlesj3 » 07 Apr 2008

I am in the process of going back to 2.1.999.999. from MC3.0. This is a collection of prepration ideas to prepare for going from any version of MC up to a higher version such that you can come back without too much problem and not miss any production trading time. Please add anything of value. I am going to add things to this thread as I think of them. This thread will often be out there near the front as a result. Here is the start of my list.

The workspace format is different between MC2.1 and MC 3.0. Have backups. In fact collect them daily with "date_time_version_Notes" format and zip them to save space. Use a database program if you can so this is a simple button click operation.

Do the very same thing with the three data files just incase they change format.

The IB dll should be backed up. The one that fixed the daily bars problem.

The GV dll needs to be backed up (you will know what I am talking about if you use these).

If possible, use a database program to test the speed of the upgrade. The advantage to this test is it is specific to your setup rather than a general test that the company may do. The database program needs a timer function in its forms. Have the database program send a Global Variable value to MC and have a simple study in MC change it to a different value and have the timer in the database program see how fast it gets changed by MC. Put the results in a database table so that when you upgrade you can test the speed of the newer version relative to the old version. This will give you a benchmark. The Global variable will not slow down MC hardly at all so you can just leave it in your study. Consider putting one of these in each chart. I find that the price data plot keeps going while the study code often gets left behind and this is where the Global variable update is located so you will have a good log in the database program of how well MC is actually doing.

Always get "Alt+PrintScreen" snapshots of your tool settings and quote manager settings so you can quickly set up the tools on the newer version. Store these in one word processor document.

I use to use something called drive image to do a complete copy of my drive which could be quickly restored. I personally need to start doing this again.

If you have tools on your prior workspace and do a full reinstall, find the tools on the old workspace and use them to reset the defaults for these tools.

Upgrade to the new version on a separate machine first and have a list of tests to do. Examples:
*Do the tools work as in the old version,
*Does it run as fast using the database GV test mentioned above.
*Can I use my old workspaces or do I have to recreate them.
*Can I use the old database.
*Test to see if you can transfer the datafiles between machines.
This was not possible for me when I went to MC3.0 but was doable on 2.1
*Even test backwards taking items from the new version and going back.
This is so you have some info just incase you bail out on the beta (or the new version_ as I have.

It would be great to here any othe ideas like this that can reduce lost production trading time.


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Back on 2.1. Much less frustraiting.

Postby bowlesj3 » 07 Apr 2008

Back on MC 2.1.999.999. It is much less frustraiting.
1/ Bombs less on the UEA "Unexpect Exception abort" of recalculation command.
2/ Transfers databases well between desktop and notebook. Never a problem.
3/ Always saves to database properly when I close it down.
4/ Closes down properly when I click the X as well as file exit.
5/ The abnormal termination popup when I close down seems insignificant.
6/ Takes a while to get tool bars to stay in proper place but with persistence they do finally hold their position (even on the notebook).
7/ Does not seem to bog down like MC3.0 does.
8/ The slight difference in file menu shortcuts is not significant.
9/ I can close MC2.1.999.999 down after the TWS feed is finished or before or after TWS starts up after its maintenance. All of these work properly.
10/ MC2.1 remembers your chart image safe file format. I use bmp because I often put notes on the chart for future teaching. MC3.0 keeps switching to the other format.

It turns out that the tool difference I thought was there between them is not there. They are the same on MC3.0 and MC2.1.999.999.

I may stay on MC2.1.999.999 forever.

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