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Postby VOLPE GIOVANNI » 09 Apr 2008

Now everytime I try to open Multicharts, a small windows pops and tells me that I need the latest version of TS, which it is already there...any ideas. I have to remove and re install TS everytime...that was not the case before.
Thanks for the comments.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 11 Apr 2008

Dear Giovani,

When you open MultiCharts do you have the option "Downlaod Workspaces on Start" checked? If so, do any of those workspaces have TS symbols on them?

What is probably happening is that if the above is true, MultiCharts tries to get connected to TS to get the data for the symbols. TS is starting to run and generates the message that you are referring to. This message is not an MC-generated message but a TS-generated message. Have you tried running TS alone?

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