Active orders - where are they ?

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Active orders - where are they ?

Postby HeiBeh » 22 Apr 2008

First of, let me say I just ported some legacy TS2k code to MC and all is well. Good stuff ! I like it ... :lol:

Now my question: I searched everywhere for an answer, but could not find it. When I have a strategy active in a chart, where could I look up the order the strategy is working ? I can see when the strategy HAS traded, but I cannot see at what level the strategy will close out the current position ?
In TS2k this was called the active orders windows or something like that ...
I can't seem to find the MC equivalent ... :oops:

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 23 Apr 2008

Hi HeiBeh,

MultiCharts doesn't have such a window yet. For now orders (including pending orders) can be viewed in TWS. We do understand that this is quite inconvenient because there is no single source for the necessary information on orders (charts and strategies that have generated the orders, execution prices etc). We are planning to implement such a feature in future.

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