Multicharts Chart with IQFeed market data

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Multicharts Chart with IQFeed market data

Postby ctu1121 » 28 Feb 2018

Hi there,
I am using Multicharts with IQFeed market data. I use this combination for several years. It takes about 1-2 second to draw chart before.
However from several months ago, the speed to draw chart became very very slow. It takes about 30-40 second to draw a chart.
I use ping to check, it's about 120ms. IQFeed customer service staff told me, the average ping value should be 20-30ms.

I met slow chart situation in Taipei and Tokyo. Does anyone meet the same problem? Please advise solution, thanks.


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Re: Multicharts Chart with IQFeed market data

Postby hughesfleming » 28 Feb 2018

IQFeed have their servers in Nebraska and my ping times are similar to yours at 125ms from a dedicated server in Frankfurt. I have about 75 symbols loading minute data to Portfolio Trader without any unusual delays. You might want to check your minimum and maximum ping times and not just the average. Also check that your antimalware/antivirus is not causing slowdowns with your real time data. If it was, you could see 100% cpu utilization in your antimalware service. See how to exclude the necessary directories.

If this is has been going on a while, then it might be a problem with the database itself. I did have some problems once that I fixed by refreshing the database and clearing out unused symbols.

This has come up in the past. You might want to look at this thread. viewtopic.php?t=8553

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