My experience prohibits changing the location

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My experience prohibits changing the location

Postby 2haerim » 06 May 2008

Since early version of MC, I've tried moving the location of database files under the main MultiCharts window because it is more natural to keep all related files in one main folder, MultiCharts folder. However, I decided not to do it by changing the registry values because it always messed up things when you remove/reinstall the current version, when you recover the current version(when MC finds some files corrupted), and even when you install a new version. In all these cases, MC installer installs a fresh new GDB files in MC's original database location (C:\Documents\... somewhere deep in the path). Then we have two sets of databases in two locations(old customized path and new default path). For all these cases, MC installer does not use the current registry values to install the databases. This is also basically inherent problem unless MC installer recognize and use the old database path MC installer SHOULD read and recognize the customized registry values and SHOULD NOT install a new default dataase files unless we have chosen to 'Remove' old database files. Even when we decided to 'Remove' the old database files, MC installer SHOULD install the new default database files back into the customized locataion because we INTENTIONALLY changed this location.

Therefore, I don NOT recommend this method of changing databases location, but instead I believe MC installer should be changed to use the default database path under MultiCharts window and also use the curent registry values when recovering the current version, removing/reinstalling the current version, and installing a new version.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 07 May 2008


The program is not supposed to know about the changes in the file locations or in the registry settings. Changing file locations and registry settings is an undocumented MC function. If you make any changes you need to keep track of those and reapply them after upgrades or new installations.


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