Two Charts, Same Market, Different Price

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Two Charts, Same Market, Different Price

Postby mojotrader » 19 May 2008

See attached pic. I several ES charts, each on a different time frame but they show different prices. This example is off by 1 tick but I've seen a 2 tick difference between charts.

Edit: I just wanted to add that if you are watching the same market in several different time frames, I would expect at a minimum that all charts display the last price at the same time. I'm sitting here watching 5 ES charts each out of sync with each other. One chart price is hitting bid/ask the other just sits there doing nothing. This is not right and should be fixed. I suspect it's a threading issue but last price should be on the same thread across charts. It's bad enough that indicators lag last price, it's a crime that last price isn't the same across charts.
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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 20 May 2008

Hi mojotrader,

Could you please give us more information? Larger screenshots showing what you're plotting. Logs from Start -> Programs -> MultiCharts -> Logs

Thank you.

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