how to get pre-market data print out

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how to get pre-market data print out

Postby thomashck » 11 Dec 2018

Hi, all

I use PT to trade stocks US market, try to get pre-market data, I try every combination setting of instrument sessions, exchange & ECN, Data sources but all in vain. The print out shows the time_s between 8:00~9:30 is all presented by 160000. Is anyone know how to do it? thanks :D

Data feed:IQFeed version:
Version: MultiCharts64 Version 12.0 Release (Build 17002)
print out 2018-12-12 07.57.14.png
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Re: how to get pre-market data print out

Postby hughesfleming » 12 Dec 2018

I remember having an issue with this as well at some point. In the end, I decided to trade with just regular trading hours so I have not looked at it in a while. I did fix it by setting up a custom sessions tempate. I will have to see what I did and I will post back later. I did post on the forum about this once and never got a response.

Edit....try setting up a custom sessions template which should be a copy of the regular trading hours one but set the starting time to 8:00am. If I remember correctly, that worked.

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