Multicharts 3.1 Beta is now available

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Multicharts 3.1 Beta is now available

Postby Stanley Miller » 02 Jun 2008

MultiCharts 3.1 Beta



Strategy Back-Testing and Automation
• Intra-bar order generation
• Dynamic portfolio strategy back-testing and optimization
• All-new auto-trading engine. You can now be sure that your trade will be executed at a specified price because the limit order command can be written in a script. The program will automatically use OCA orders when it is important to avoid triggering the remaining orders when one of those is executed. Exits/entries can now be made through stop orders as well.

The auto-trading engine is seamlessly integrated with the familiar PowerLanguage key words which you use for back-testing. Therefore there will be no need to insert any additional commands to have auto-trading work.

The same symbol can now be traded from different charts/strategies. The program monitors market position for each chart separately which prevents conflicts between different strategies.

General Improvements
• Brand-new GUI
• Detachable windows for efficient multi-monitor support. No more need to drag charts onto different monitors at program start
• Ability to abort workspace loading

• Plotting a chart without adding the symbol in QuoteManager. Symbol names can be just typed into the command line. See Help for further details.
• Data is displayed as soon as it is loaded. The result is shorter expectation time for a chart to be plotted
• Increased charting speed and reliability
• Faster data loading in the offline mode
• Improved drawing tools behavior
• Data & Indicator values export from charting

Data Feeds and Data Management
• Multiple symbol editing in QuoteManager
• Updated Interactive Brokers data source. TWS881 supported. New features:
• Parallel data loading
• Faster loading of minute charts
• The option to use 1 or 15 second bars as ticks to speed up chart plotting
• The option to use 1 or 15 minute bars as minutes to speed up chart plotting
• Ticks are not requested for the periods with no minute data available
• Updated TranscAct data source. New features:
• New API supported
• Updated IQFeed data source. New features:
• IQFeed4.3 supported
• Checks for zero values on Low and High for the day’s real-time data
• Updated TS data source. New features:
• Working in the offline mode does not result in excessive reloads
• Updated OpenECry data source. New features:
• New API supported
• Parallel data loading
• Faster loading of minute charts
• Updated Metastock data source added. When adding symbols an exchange can be chosen. The symbol will be added into the database with this exchange

Programming Language/Script Editor
• Reserved words descriptions and examples can now be viewed directly in PowerLanguage Editor
• Fast code compiling or execution option
• Considerably improved identification of error type and location during the compiling process
• GetAppInfo functions added

• Upgrade can now be done in one step. Run the installer once and it will remove the old version and install the new one.


Auto Trading
1. In the IOG mode, with either ‘Limit each order command in this signal to one entry and one exit per bar’ or ‘Limit this signal to one entry or one exit per bar’ enabled, no orders are sent to the broker (although arrows are plotted on charts)
2. Compulsory bar closing for auto trading
3. If the timeout to replace a limit/stop order by a market order is set to 0 seconds, 2 orders are submitted instead of 1
4. Unfilled Strategy Order Placement (conversion of limit/stop orders into market orders) doesn’t work
5. If a limit/stop order is partially filled, the replace option (to replace an unfilled limit/stop order) is still active which results in duplicate orders
6. Wrong commission calculation on SetStopLoss, SetProfitTarget, SetBreakEven, SetDollarTrailing
7. Partial exits don’t work correctly
8. The setting “Maximum shares/contracts per position” is not used in auto trading
9. The IOG mode is not saved when a workspace is saved and then opened
10. Auto trading doesn’t work on Win2000. Orders don’t get sent to TWS
11. MultiCharts crashes when auto trading gets disabled
12. Auto trading doesn’t work when several entry orders are allowed in the same direction
13. If a limit/stop order gets rejected by the broker, MC will submit a market order, even if the symbol is not being updated (when Unfilled Strategy Order Placement is checked)
14. Market orders generated through the Close Position dialogue don’t get filled in IB without a confirmation through TWS
15. The program offers to close an open position even if TWS isn’t running
16. Autotrading isn’t disabled when strategy properties are changed. Even if the option “Allow up to … entry orders in the same direction as the currently held position ’ gets disabled, the orders will still be sent to the broker until the specified number of entries has been reached. At the same time, no orders will be plotted on the chart.
17. IOG limitations ‘Limit each order command in this signal to one entry and one exit per bar’ and ‘Limit this signal to one entry or one exit per bar’ apply to the whole trading session instead of one bar.
18. Wrong calculation of signals in the IOG mode
19. OpenPositionProfit isn’t calculated in the IOG mode, if the strategy doesn’t contain the following keywords: SetStopLoss, SetProfitTarget, SetBreakEven, SetDollarTrailing

1. Issues with adding multiple symbols from a provider
2. ‘No Data’ message when requesting ‘Bars Back’ or ‘Days Back’ for daily data
3. Establishing connection message keeps showing in the status line. No bars are plotted.
4. Gaps when changing the ‘Bars Back’ value
5. Authorization. MC can now work for 30 days without the internet connection.

1. MultiCharts -> Window. No list of the open chart windows is displayed
2. GetAppInfo doesn’t work in signals with the following parameters: aiHighestDispValue, aiLowestDispValue
3. ‘Attach’ and ‘Stick’ buttons disappear on maximized detached windows
4. Pop-up menus for scales (time, price, volume) don’t work on the monitor left of the main one
5. Detached windows disappear
6. Detached windows don’t have scales or scroll-bars when 2 or more saved workspaces are opened
7. Position of the detached windows is not saved when 2 or more saved workspaces are opened
8. Hot keys don’t work for the detached windows
9. Window title is displayed incorrectly (on all demo charts) when chart windows are being loaded
10. No active windows when opening a workspace containing only detached windows
11. 2-week and higher resolution bars are plotted incorrectly
12. The number of decimals for an indicator changes when this indicator is highlighted
13. Indicator plot type doesn’t get saved

1. OpenPositionProfit does not get calculated in the IOG mode, if the strategy does not contain SetStopLoss, SetProfitTraget, SetBreakEven, or SetDollarTrailing orders
2. ‘Sync’ button doesn’t work in PLEditor Help
3. When opening a protected TS2000i study, PLEditor doesn’t request a password
4. Errors when importing several files
5. Ctrl+C (Ctrl+Ins) doesn’t work in the Output and Build tabs
6. ‘Update on every tick’ on/off mode isn’t saved when an indicator is imported/exported
7. Square brackets [ ] don’t work for the French keyboard layout
8. Compilation shouldn’t clear the previous changes (Undo/Redo)
9. The keyword ‘unsigned’ isn’t painted blue
10. dll_add and dll_free don’t get called after an indicator status has changed
11. Exception in translator when compiling "value2 = MRO(range crosses below range,50,1)"

1. Crashes when optimization is run on a quad-core PC

A large number of major and minor bugs have been fixed.

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