May help with doing a first futures rollover

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May help with doing a first futures rollover

Postby bowlesj3 » 15 Jun 2008

This may help new MC users doing their first futures contract change even if not using IB as your broker and also even if not using the E-Mini S&P 500 symbol.

1/ Bring up TWS first (TWS is Traders Work Station)
2/ Do not remove the old contract but rather add in the new contract so you have two contracts appearing in TWS.
3/ Do this for both ES and TSE60 (TSE60 is the route for the SXF futures by the way)
4/ Bring up MultiCharts as usual under the old contract.

5/ You have to add the symbol in the quote manager first
a/ Symbol
b/ add symbol
c/ from data source
d/ Interactive Brokers
e/ future tab
g/ All exchanges
f/ Enter Route as "ES" or "TSE60"
g/ Click Lookup
h/ Select the correct one "ESH8 Globex"
i/ Click Add
f/ Click close
Repeat for TSE60 (or any other symbols)

You can now close the quote manager window.
5/ Choose the daily chart first.
6/ Right click on theSymbol and choose Format ESZ7 (which is your old symbol you are currently using)
NOTE: You will not see the new symbol for interactive brokers yet.

7/ HERE IS THE TRICK! Under Datasource click the drop down arrow that is pointing down to reselect Interactive brokers.
You need to scroll down the list that appears and select Interactive brokers again from that list.
When you do this it does a new lookup under interactive brokers and this finds the new symbol you just put in the quote manager.
8/ Now you can select the new symbol and it will change it on your chart.
You will have the matching symbol on Traders Work Station visible so you can be sure you have the correct one.
9/ Click Okay and the new data will be loaded down and all your tools and studies will be left as is in the correct location including the RSI lines too.
It may take a little while for the down load to complete for each chart as it always does.
10/ Save your workspaces immediately.
11/ You can repeat this new symbol selection on all charts in the workspaces before they have all loaded down.

For the TSE60 you have to wait until it is up maybe.
Last but not least remove the old symbol from TWS and save your settings.

ESH6 ES06H March
ESM6 ES06M June
ESU6 ES06U September
ESZ6 ES06Z December

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