MC refuses to download one EUR.USD bar from IB

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MC refuses to download one EUR.USD bar from IB

Postby sips kk » 23 Jun 2008

Hi all,

I am experiencing problems with the following (using Interactive Brokers as my data feed). The daily data for EUR.USD on 06/20/2008 are not being downloaded by MC whatever I do.

1) I <did> set "download missing history" to ON
2) in Quotemanger I checked the dataset: Edit...Edit Data... and strangely enough... no, indeed, there was no datafill for 06/20/2008....
3) I then completely REMOVED all data (Quotemanger : Edit...Delete Data...) I then checked the dataset itself: yes, all data were gone. Blank!
4) So one would think... let's create a new chart... and since there are NO daily data anymore, all history should be downloaded from IB again when you create a new daily chart... So I did. The result is in the screendump: even though ALL data were deleted, the newly donwloaded data still do NOT show anything for 06/20/2008...
5) I checked on a real-time chart directly from the IB-TWS platform: there is indeed a bar shown for last Friday, so no data-gap on the IB-side...

What solution is there to this problem?

Thanks for any help!
EURUSD date missing.JPG
Detail on daily chart: Friday's 06/20/2008 action is completely missing
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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 23 Jun 2008


I would recommend contacting our customer support representatives at ... pport.html

They will help resolving your problem on-line, connecting to your PC, if necessary.


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