Refresh of Charts with ASCII-DataSource

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Refresh of Charts with ASCII-DataSource

Postby Joerg » 26 Jun 2008


I´m generating ASCII-Files via EasyLanguage (Synthetical Symbols) and chart them for having the ability to generate tradingsignals on them. Therefore I´m using the QuoteManager and create symbols for ASCII-DataSource.

The Problem is that it does´nt change the historical chart when the data are changed (changes before the last line of the ASCII-File). When I recreate the symbol it works. It seems the data were cached somewhere (but not in the GDB-Files)?
How can I force MC to reload the ASCII-Data without recreating the symbol in QuoteManager?
F5 - Refresh in QuoteManager does´nt help.
Reloading the Chart in MC either does´nt help.

Thanks a lot.


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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 30 Jun 2008

Hi Joerg,

Just close MC and QM and then run them again.


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