Frequency of Intraday Trades by Multicharts Users

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Frequency of Intraday Trades by Multicharts Users

Postby oakshadows » 05 Jul 2008

Since the text below includes attribution to users of Multicharts, I am interested in the following: Do Multicharts users on this forum concur with the statement in bold print below made by a TS Support Team member ?

"MC 3.1 beta 3 version won’t turn the auto trading off after the connection to the broker has been lost. At first, we thought that if the connection is lost for even a few seconds we’ll lose the feedback from the broker which will inevitably result in desynchronization. However, our customers have told us that their strategies don’t generate signals very often: new orders are only generated once an hour which means that if the connection is lost for 5 minutes nothing is going to be affected. This is why we have decided to give up the timeout upon the connection loss. I hope you’ll find the new behavior more user-friendly."

"As for the synchronization of trades after a reboot I don’t see a way to do that. First of all, the positions at the broker and in the program will differ. This position must be closed either manually or automatically. I’m afraid the program won’t be able to make a better decision than you would."

Source for the above two paragraphs: EliteTrader forum
Post made on 6-16-08 by
Andrew Kirillov, TS Support Team



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