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Apply Input Combination

Postby MC_Prog » 18 Jul 2008

In the MC Portfolio Backtester, after running an optimization, if one double-clicks on a row in the Optimization Report, a dialog comes up asking;

"Do you want apply this input combination to the strategy?"

etc. with a list of the numbers.

What exactly happens when 'Yes' is chosen?

IOW, what does it mean in this context that the input combination is "applied"?

(Applied where? to what? how would this been seen? etc.)

Sorry for any redundancy, I just want to be precise and clear (if possible!).

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 22 Jul 2008

When you choose 'yes' when asked: "Do you want apply this input combination to the strategy?" it means that these particular inputs will be applied to the strategy that is currently sitting on your chart. The inputs will be applied as if you went to 'Format Signals' and entered those values.

Input values affect the performance of the strategy. So you will be able to view the changes in the Performance report.

I hope the above answers your question.

Best regards.

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