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Sep 17 2008

i speak with many traders, and many of them do the rollover without a standart rules.

the reason are different, someone trade intraday others do it without the want.....

i found this:

I wish help all other traders or programmer to have it more simple, fast and correct.

I am studying now c#, easylanguage and pascal but i am at the beginning,

Now i speak not like a trader nor like a programmer, but like a simple guys that wants to learn.

The solution i have already found, a data feed that all this for me, while i want to know why and how to.

Thanks by now who could explain it in a simple way.


i see that are code on the net in easylanguage to do this and that this feauters is in ts8.3.


Could be usefull a automatic rollover in mc?

YES or

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Sep 19 2008

I trade ES at the 5min level.
I look forward, I do not look back.

so my answer is NO.

p.s. some people want a continuous contract because they need the data for back testing. This is can be achieved by different means, and is different in operation from Roll Over.
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Sep 19 2008

I have to say my vote is NO for this too. MC is first and foremost a charting platform and not a data provider. I think it should just plot the data fed to it and leave rollover to the data provider and user. There are more important things for them to work on than rollover, which everyone will have a different idea on how it should be done.

Furthermore, there are plenty of data providers which provide continuous contracts and you can switch to them if that is really that important for you.