Pretty please - feature request...

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kelly simon
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Pretty please - feature request...

Postby kelly simon » 03 Oct 2008

Dear MC,
Essentially, this is a feature request about a relatively superficial MC issue, and more to do with perfecting it than anything else. Though I would like to add that, nearly every trading day, I think to myself -- I wish MC had a text label snap to grid system.

I say this because I like to document the days price action, and trades taken - and it would be really nice to have a 'snap to grid' type feature for the placing of text and labels.

At present, for example, it takes a fair bit of fiddling around to get individual text labels to appear on the same horizontal level. In part, this is because to get a new text label to appear on the same level as a previous one, one has to pick out the vertical middle of the previous text label with the cross hairs. If, instead, one had to just pick out the bottom of the previous label with the cross hairs - it would be easier than at present.

However - a snap to grid system would be the nicest solution.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 10 Oct 2008

Hello Simon,

This feature is not among popularly requested. But we will certainly consider for implementation in future (can't promise it will be done in the upcoming release, though).

Best regards.

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