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New Scanner

Postby drwar » 28 Oct 2008

New features look very nice. I have a question on its operation. If I have a scanner cell with 6 months of data.(approx 180 days) that is already loaded and displaying indicator values. If I click Create Chart. Why does it wait several minutes backfilling for that same 180 days when it has, I assume, already backfilled for that same data. This is very inconvenient especially if your scanner window has indicated a trade and you want to get to your chart window post haste. Could you explain this behaviour so I can understand what is occurring.



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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 28 Nov 2008

Hi Jerry,

The thing is that every time a new chart is created it goes through the whole data request procedure. Database is accessed, the data is unpacked, etc. The algorithm works this way even if you already have the same chart plotted. This algorithm will be no different if you have the data in the scanner and then create a new chart.


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