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David Caliano
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zen-fire feed

Postby David Caliano » 30 Oct 2008

Any idea what happened to zen-fire feed in new Beta and when it will be available again if at all? It's not there as a data source anymore.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 31 Oct 2008

Dear David,

ZenFire requested us to temporarily remove their API from our system.

They are planning to send us their new API shortly. As soon as we receive it, our engineers will start working on its implenentation. Our estimate is that everything should be working in about 2 weeks.

Best regards.

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Postby Lewdfinger » 04 Nov 2008

May I just pipe in here...

The possibility of ZenFire capability sealed the deal for me and I bought a lifetime license. Bye-Bye TS!

I only used TS for strategy development and backtesting, and because my mentor uses it. I already use NT/ZenFire for order entry and trade management and there is nothing better.

Two things to consider:

1. If at all possible PLEASE get the ZenFire folks to include the capability of back-filling a couple of weeks of intraday data from their servers into MC, similar to that of the other providers. NT has this capability.

2. For those MC users who have a ZenFire datafeed and wish to dump TS/ESignal, intraday historical data is available for pretty cheap. I bought the whole banana from Disk Trading (http://disktrading.is99.com/disktrading/) for under $200. Granted, it's probably exported from TS and not as pure as ZenFire or exchange tick-data, but there's enough minute data there to keep you backtesting forever. Be aware that their data is all formatted in Eastern time, so you have to figure out a way to re-format it to the timestamps appropriate to MC and/or NT (I am writing a visual basic program to do this). ANFutures also has high-quality tick and minute data for Eminis. They sell them as individual contracts, so you have to reformat the data and figure out how to handle rollovers, etc.

Anyway if you make MC easy enough for ZenFire subscribers to hook up for real-time charting and historical data import, I think you'll get MANY more serious looks from those searching for viable alternatives to TS.

my 2c


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Postby RobotMan » 05 Nov 2008

Zen-Fire Data is no faster to display on your charts than other data feeds. ie: eSignal, IQ, etc. Go ahead and bring up an ES chart (from eSignal) in MC and one (with ZenFire) in NT and watch the prices. It is their order entry that is the thing that differentiates them from other front ends. If you use NT like I do, you will sometimes notice that you get fills where the market has not even traded yet on your chart. That is because the trading engine is so much faster than the data server. Sometimes, in a high volume, fast market like a few weeks ago, the data lags behind my fills by 5 seconds. (It is a good sign for me to quit scalping until things slow down. :shock: )

I'm not saying that Zen-Fire is not the data feed to have, I'm just saying that the real utility is in actual trading. This is something that you will not notice if you are just back testing or paper trading using MC.

Hope that helps,
Bob Perry
Los Altos, CA

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