Auto trade question

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Auto trade question

Postby WarEagle » 07 Nov 2008

If you have an autotrade strategy that say quits generating entry signals at 3pm eastern and the strategy has an open position at that time, will MC continue to manage that open position per the strategy? The line of code that I have in the strategy is:

if time >= StartTime and time < EndTime then begin

thanks for any input.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 28 Nov 2008

Hi WarEagle,

Could you please specify what exactly would happen with auto trading in your scenario? For example, if MultiCharts keeps running and auto trading is still enabled after the last entry of the day was generated, then when the time meets the specified conditions again, trading will continue. In other words when an exit signal is generated, MC will close the position.

However, if you close MC or disable auto trading, MC will no longer be managing this position. In this case, you would have several options to go with.

1. Close the position manually
2. Leave the position open and then use the option to synchronize the position b/w MC and the broker (in the Async autotrading mode)


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