ADE !TZS Setup Sync

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ADE !TZS Setup Sync

Postby trader » 22 Nov 2008

Hi Forum Members,

Anyone familiar with ADE/ELcollections able to describe to me how to correctly set up !TZS Setup Sync on a pair of tick charts?


ps-I can run ADE indicators on variable charts no problem.

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What is it

Postby bowlesj3 » 23 Nov 2008

Hi trader,

As you know, when I looked at GVs, EL-Collections and ADE (All Data Everywhere), I only bothered to dig as deep as I needed (specifically the EL-Collections map command) then I moved on to more pressing issues. So what is "!TZS Setup Sync" anyway? What does it buy the trader? Is there anything else that may be of special value in the ADE? I found the map command unnecessarily complex relative to what I needed. Does ADE create unneeded complexity or bog things down due to programmer matrix theory gone wild, as the map command seems to do IMO? Maybe others would be interested or contribute to a list of benefits and experiences here. Maybe if others can see the benefits they might dig in and figure out the answer to your question too. I personally haven't seen the value in ADE yet. My whole market approach and MC setup is done now and I am happy with it but I have an open mind. There is always room for improvement.


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Postby trader » 23 Nov 2008

!TZS Setup Sync allows one to simply take an indicator calculation from a tick/contract chart and overlay it on another chart.

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