Adding daily data to ASCII files

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Adding daily data to ASCII files

Postby sylfvdk » 12 Jan 2009

Hi, I have ASCII file for may symbol and I am having updates every day. I have to append my ASCII file every day with new daily onfo and REIMPORT whole new file into QM.

Is there easy way to enter just new incremental file into my symbol in QM? Or, Is that possible - to have several ASCII files combined into 1 symbol?


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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 14 Jan 2009

Hi sylfvdk,

Instead of reimporting your updated ASCII file every day, you can map it instead. Every time you plot a chart using this data, MultiCharts will reference the ASCII file and plot whatever quotes you have there. As the file is being updated, those updates will be automatically plotted in MultiCharts. You will find an ASCII mapping tutorial at ... apping.htm

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Postby promagma » 04 Mar 2009

I think I want to do this.

How often does Multicharts detect if the file has changed .... in real time, at some time interval, or just when you open the workspace?

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