signal, placing orders, optimization

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signal, placing orders, optimization

Postby ts2mc » 26 Jan 2009

hello experts,
have a signal, say based on 5 min chart.
want to place a buy entry order at price x, where open <= x <= close or close <= x <= open, so the price is within bar.

what is the correct order command in order to do this or
what settings do i need in addition ?
intrabarordergeneration = TRUE
is needed, doesn't it affect the optimization speed ?
thank you

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 27 Jan 2009

Hi ts2mc,

How are you going to find out what the close price is going to be? Every new tick is actually a new price for close. If you write 'buy next bar market' (IOG is on), MC will buy at the close price of the next tick.


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