annoying behaviour

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annoying behaviour

Postby ts2mc » 20 Feb 2009

thank you for MC, it is really a great application.

some annoying behaviour in editor of power language.
- when select text with mouse, the editor makes his own
decisions what to select, for instance selects more to the left.
this is not desired. mouse selection means mouse selection.
(for doubleclick on expressions this behaviour makes sense)

- when you place the cursor left of an expression, then type some
characters in that matches to a keyword that is known in database
and if you select this keyword, the keyword is placed in editior - thats fine -
but the expression to the left gets deleted. thats not fine.
please simply insert keyword not more not less.
(we live in times where software starts to get too "clever" which stresses our patient - please implement "cleverness" carefully;not all MS ideas are perfect)

thank you

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Postby RobotMan » 20 Feb 2009

I too, am annoyed when trying to select text in PLE. I wish that when I "mouse cursor" select text that the selection would not jump to where PLE "thinks" the selection should start or end.

Another thing that is annoying is when double clicking on variables with underscores or periods in the variable name, the highlight only selects part of the variable. Then if I try and highlight by mouse cursor selection, I get the problem in the paragraph above.

Hope that helps,

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