Questions about MultiCharts and user contributed studies.
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Postby traderstuff » 20 Feb 2009

I do not have too much confidence in these polls - here is one from about a year ago where tss Andrew states -

"The items with most votes will receive the highest priority and will have the biggest impact on our plans"

In this poll the most votes were cast for 'Futures Rollover' - this poll is about a year old.


Here is another one that is going on '3 YEARS AGO' where Alex from TSS says-

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2006 5:34 am - "Duplicating my reply to the "ES #F" topic, so this theme is not left unanswered:

We intend to implement automatic rollover in the future, this is in our upcoming features list, so I hope your desires will be fulfilled.

As of now, MultiCharts just does not have the necessary algorithm impemented, this si why there's no automated rollover."

http://forum.tssupport.com/viewtopic.ph ... continuous

Missing from the searchable part of the forum is an even OLDER subject where TSS asked for opinions/ideas on how the rollover/continuous contracts should be implemented and they received numerous well thought out and doable replies.

I personally do not even use this feature, but it has been discussed and promised for YEARS, and Now it appears it will not even be in the so-called Gold Release, but "perhaps" in releases after that -IF it gets enough votes.....

Other than this and a few more unmentioned topics, I think that the TSSupport team is doing a good job and wish great success to the company and all of you traders out there.


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Postby Andrew Kirillov » 21 Feb 2009

Unfortunately you are right that we haven’t implemented the futures rollover yet. The same story was with fractional price scales. However we did it finally!
I’m sure we will do the futures rollovers. We just have been waited for a better time. We are going to create a single mechanism that will allow us to construct the continuous futures and spreads. And a user will be able to apply indicators and strategies to it.
We always have lots of things to do some features will be sooner other later.
However you should know that we seriously consider users feedback. A good example is a scanner, fraction price scales and I_ functions.

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