"all at once" actions

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"all at once" actions

Postby dupl » 11 Mar 2009


I would like to have a few "all at once" actions in MC.
- Format Symbol window
--Data Range

If you have several symbols in one chart, its inconvenient to do the same action e.g. (change Data Range) for 7 symbols separate.


PS: In QM its possible to select several symbols and e.g. change Session Template for all selected symbols. :idea:
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Postby drwar » 11 Mar 2009

There are other items which should be done along the same lines.

Have the ability in the file|Preferences to apply a template automatically upon opening a workspace . With two selections.

1) Apply and disable all other studies
2) Apply and leave all other studies.

Currently the templates can only be auto applied to a new chart not an existing chart in an existing workspace.

Regardless these changes would not be saved unless save on exit were selected.
This feature would allow running thru a series of workspaces with different templates or changes to templates to quickly identify how it worked across multiple symbols without having to permanently change all your exisiting workspaces.


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