Some features that MultiCharts *really* needs

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Some features that MultiCharts *really* needs

Postby marketz » 14 Mar 2009

MultiCharts is a great app. I am struggling a bit with some things, such as the limitations of EasyLanguage. But there are a few things it really needs IMO.

Those things are the following:

A way to draw shapes on the chart using EasyLanguage. You can draw trend lines, you should be able to draw the same shapes that are available in the toolbar by hand. Ovals, rectangles, filled or just highlighted. With text in them (preferably so you can set the text rendering so it can be centered vertically/horizontally and or wrapped around like a text cell). Also some of the text should be an HT-TP hyperlin.k.

Those are improvements that would definitely allow a more expressive rendering environment, IMO at least :)

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Postby marketz » 18 Mar 2009

Any feedback on this idea? I imagine it wouldn't be terribly hard to implement.

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Postby brendanh » 19 Mar 2009

On the subject of features MC really needs, please can you add a backup\restore feature similar to TS 8. Moving MC to a new computer is a painful experience. Just a simple wrapper for some file & registry key copying is all that's needed, so it shouldn't be rocket science to implement.

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Andrew Kirillov
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Postby Andrew Kirillov » 23 Mar 2009

Thank you for the suggestions. We will keep it in mind.

Fabrice Daniel
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Postby Fabrice Daniel » 23 Mar 2009

About the simple but useful features MC realy need :

About the strategy entry/exit signals

- Showing the strategy execution prices on the Chart Hint

- Showing the link between entry and exit with a dot line and different colors for winning and losing trades

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Postby brendanh » 24 Mar 2009

+1 Fabrice. These will make visually assessing strategy performance much easier, especially connecting coloured lines between entries and exits.

york timothy
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Postby york timothy » 24 Mar 2009

Please add a method of changing chart size that requires only 1 key stroke. In AB I use the F5 key for the 117649 volume chart, 1 click. I use the F6 key for the 16807 volume chart, again only 1 click. I have all the chart sizes I use on hot keys to make it easy to change the charts. This would really make use of MC a lot more efficient. Thank you.

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