[request] - new Gann tool

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[request] - new Gann tool

Postby arnie » 28 Mar 2009


Something that I would like to see in MC would be a way to count calendar days.

I was thinking of something similar to the Fibonacci Trend-based Time Lines tool, but with a twist :wink:

We would select the tool, and then, selecting a bar with that same tool and moving the mouse forward, we would see an automatic calendar days counter, giving us the total days that have passed since the selected bar.

To enhance this tool, it would leave vertical trendlines at selected days. For example, we would select a bar and then, after 90 days counted, we would click at that bar, and a vertical trendline would be placed with the indication of that day and the number of days passed since the selected starting day. Now ,the cool thing would be the possibility to count days (always calendar days, not trading days) into the future.

For example, imagine that we want to mark 30 days after yesterday trading day. We would select yesterdays bar and moving the mouse forward (into the future) we would know exacly when it would be 30 days from yesterday and leave a vertical trendline on that day.

For an easy and fast (discrecionary) chart cycle analysis you cannot have a tool better then this one.
As far as I know, only Gann dedicated software have tools capable of counting days in the way that I described :(


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