Alert function and symbol

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Alert function and symbol

Postby arnie » 29 Mar 2009


Is it possible to use the Alert function or any other function for that matter depending on the symbol in which the indicator is plotted?

For example, I want to send an email with the values of a certain indicator at a certain time. That same indicator has different inputs for different equities.

So my main objective is, if the indicator is plotted in XY equity, then it will send the output given by the input for that specific equity. But if that same indicator is plotted in XYY equity, then it will send the output given by the input for that same XYY equity.

Did I make myself clear?

Basically I want a function capable of recognizing symbols for manipulating their data regardless of the chart used to plot that same indicator.

This can also be useful to build a RSC indicator without having to plot a second chart (data 2). Imagine that you want to see the relative strenght between INTC and SPX. You would open INTC chart and plot the indicator where you have the formula with the function that indicates the symbol to which your're going to compare with, in this case, the INTC chart.

Imagine that we could use the funtion GetSymbolName this way

Code: Select all

If GetSymbolName = @ES# then begin

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