Alert message wrap around feature.

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Alert message wrap around feature.

Postby bowlesj3 » 26 Apr 2009

It would be useful to have the alert message such that it could be very large and wrap around rather than just extending the alert popup width and running off the screen if the text is too long. It would be for popup messages that are not seen all that often and require some details to jog the trader's memory. They may want to put in some explaination as to what caused the popup and what they should do to work around it or whatever. It could even be a logic error in the code or the data for that matter that is detected by self debugging code and while programming it they put in an alert to explain things. Correct me if I am wrong but at present they would need to write a print log record with a longer explaination and put the name of that log record into the alert message to remind them where to get these details.

Stretching this a bit, it would be handy if they could click on something on the alert popup to pull up the log file. However that is getting beyond MC somewhat and as an excellent work around it makes sense for MC to write out a log record with a key number in it which could serve as a link to a database file of detailed explainations the programmer created while writing the EL code. Interesting, I just created some low priority work for myself. Specifically, a database of EL code alert messages that occured during the day. (Number, alert message that MC created, date & time in descending sequence, EL script, type, quick work around, details for later when the trader has time at the end of the trading day, whatever).

However I suspect that most traders can't create a database like this so the wrap around would help them.


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