[Feature Request] Allow custom string to be inserted into ..

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[Feature Request] Allow custom string to be inserted into ..

Postby 2haerim » 30 Apr 2009

When we plot a symbol, most time we open many charts with same and/or different resolutions. And eventually apply signals to each chart.

[1] It is necessary to visually distinguish each chart with a unique name. The "Study" field from the Status Line would be a good candidate for us to enter our own name. MC always displays "Strategy" string regardless of any signals applied. So if we can edit that "Study" field, we can enter whatever we want to tell a chart from another one. See the attached pic.
Please allow us to edit the "Study" field. In old TS2000i, we could use Strategy name to be displayed on the status line. We really miss it.
If the "Study" field is not a good candidate, just add one more field such as "UserString" with edit control on the statusline.

[2] Second suggestion is to allow us to enter any name for a chart from the AutoTrading Properties Dialog. In this case it would be very much deisirable to send this name whenever a signal is generated from that chart. Then any autotrading program will be able to distinguish the source chart of each signal.

[3] Also Display the Strategy name in the Autotrading status messages such as Fill/Cancel/Reject ... This will allow users to visually recognize the source chart from which a signal is generated. Useful when signals are generated from multiple charts with the same symbol. For example, 1 min / 10 min chart for the same symbol.

Whatever way MC allows user to visually distinguish a chart from another one in Statusline, it would be very convenient and useful if the popup window for a signal display this name. The popup currently does not tell which signal is issued from which chart. When there are many, say 50, charts open with signals applied for each chart, it is impossible to know which chart generated the signal from the popup window.
I hope I made my points clear and understood.

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