two chart declutter items.

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two chart declutter items.

Postby bowlesj3 » 21 May 2009

Here is something for the MC long range improvement list.

As a fairly low priority item (and probably not that easy to program) but useful none the less, if the status line could be more selective in what it displays from the studies this would reduce chart clutter in the status line. It would probably need to be a system like the Microsoft backup checkboxes for selecting files to back up. In other words, expandable to select specific items to exclude/include.
So I guess there would be:
Highest level all studies check box,
Next expansion is a list of the studies with check boxes,
next expansion is the specific plots within the specific study.

Also along the same line of reducing chart clutter, having a parameter in the plot statement to indicate if the plot should show in the right hand scale of the chart or not. Right now if the study has a lot of plots and you only want one plot out there it creates a conflict.


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