Access to next bar's High and Low

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Access to next bar's High and Low

Postby tsiligkiroglou ioakim » 28 May 2009

Used to be able to do this in TS2000i with *FindAddress_High() and *FindAddress_Low() .dll calls of elkit32.dll by passing a -1 offset that would return the values of the next bar. Nor sure this can be done in MC though. In fact I am told it can not be done as future bars can not be referenced.

Another potential solution is to run though the chart once and store the high and Low values of each bar in 2 arrays using "CurrentBar" to index them. Then in the second run these array may be referenced to get the desired next bar values.

Using the Recalculate() may be helpful to achieve the second pass (though I am missing the details). Also not sure if I need to have the array in a DLL to make sure it retains the values after the end of the first pass. Or may be Global Variables can be used.

Any help and pointers about this will be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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