Poor standard of documentation

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Poor standard of documentation

Postby brendanh » 04 Jun 2009

I know developers find documentation a chore, but it is important. If we don't know how MC features are supposed to work, how are we supposed to know if they are functioning correctly?

In April, Marina stated here:
http://forum.tssupport.com/viewtopic.ph ... help#26165
that the documentation omissions in the Help system would be corrected by MC v5 release date. However all the discussed options are still undocumented. MC v5 is no longer beta, it is an official release so there should be nothing undocumented.

Another important omission: in the Symbol Dictionary, what is the date format for the Expiry field? YYYYMMDD? Also, the new autotrading option "Replace to Market Partially Filled Orders" is unexplained.

Plus there is no context sensitive help (no Help buttons in any dialogues, the question marks don't work), so finding information is a long-winded process of searching\navigating from the main Help screen.

Please at the very least make Multicharts documentation complete.

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Andrew Kirillov
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Postby Andrew Kirillov » 04 Jun 2009

Your criticism is founded. We must have good documentation and we are setting a higher priority for it.

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Postby TJ » 04 Jun 2009

how about starting a Wiki?

The collective wisdom of experienced members can add to the growth of the community.

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Re: Poor standard of documentation

Postby Spaceant » 05 Jun 2009

[quote].............. Also, the new autotrading option "Replace to Market Partially Filled Orders" is unexplained. [quote]

Does anyone know what it is?

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Postby brendanh » 11 Jun 2009

Another omission, next to the clock in the bottom right of MC, what are q / s? Something to do with latency probably, but we shouldn't have to guess.

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Postby 2haerim » 11 Jun 2009

It means quotes to process and seconds delayed as far as I know.

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