MC 5 optimizer doesn't seem to free up memory for trend line

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MC 5 optimizer doesn't seem to free up memory for trend line

Postby RS » 19 Jun 2009


I just started to upgrade my strategies from MC 2.1 to 5.0 and got into the following issue:

During optimizing one strategy the memory for MC 5 just went up to +/- 2Gb and then MC crashed. Because this didn't happen in MC 2.1 I tried to figure out why.

It seems that the 5 optimizer doesn't free the trend line memory until finishing the complete optimizing. When there are a lot of trend lines and a lot of optimizer runs it's easy to run out of memory. In 2.1 is seems that the optimizer frees up the memory during optimizing every processed step so this problem doesn't happen.

With the following signal code it's easy to reproduce:


Value1 = TL_New(date, time, Lowest(Low, 3), Date, Time, Highest(High, 3));
TL_SetColor(Value1, Green);

Optimize it in MC2.1 and 5 with lots of bars and runs , look at the memory of the MC process!

Of course there is a work around: just add a test whether you're optimizing or not.

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Postby Andrew Kirillov » 26 Jun 2009

Thanks for the bug report. It will be fixed in MultiCharts 5.5 Release (not beta).

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