Is SYNC. possible?

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Is SYNC. possible?

Postby valabhi » 07 Jul 2009

i am using a dll to plot rangebars with 3.0 pts. on top of 1.5 pts rangebars.
second chart is of 3.0 pts rangebars. ,problem is dll 3.0 rangebar and 3.0 pts second chart open values are not syc. is it possible to syc.both so that they both open and close at same vale?

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 22 Jul 2009

Hello Valabhi,

Can you please describe what exactly your dll does? Or better send us the code?

Also, it is not quite clear how exactly you manage to plot a 1.5 point chart. You can only use whole numbers to specify point resolutions.

Further clarifications will be much appreciated (with appropriate screenshots).

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