Signals from mutiple time frames

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Signals from mutiple time frames

Postby smashthepound » 10 Jul 2009

After 10 years of TS2ki I finally found MC - glad to be here...

I have a issue which I never solved in TS2ki - but maybe someone from the community can give me some thoughts ...

I have a chart with 2 symbols
GBPUSD 10 min as Data1
GBPUSD 30 min as Data2

If I base an indicator on Data1 and a second indicator on Data2 and have a look in the new Data Window of MC this will look as follows:

Time-----Value of Indicator1-----Value of Indicator2-----Barnumber

As long I use this visual on charts I do not care.

But this get's tricky when I start writing signals. :roll:

The 10 min chart (Data1) is the one where I generate my orders. The 20 min (Data2) is to support the decision making, e.g. apply a filter for range when using a directional strategy.

So when I check Indicator2 for example if the value is ascending and I write it the following way it will point into nirvana:
Indicator2[0] > Indicator2[1] ... delivers 10 > N/A
To fix this I need to write it the following way:
Indicator2[0] > Indicator2[3] ... delivers 10 > 16

But this gets really messy when I change Data2 from 30 min to 20 min ... but it might be very useful to check different time frames ....

So is there anybody out there who knows a smart fix to this problem???

Or does MC work differently form TS2ki?



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Re: Signals from mutiple time frames

Postby Chillie » 07 Nov 2010

I have a similar issue - was there ever an answer?

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Re: Signals from mutiple time frames

Postby gregorio123456 » 09 Nov 2010

try this in MC 5.5 because MC 6.0.1 have one bugs about this.... ... e_no=MC-43

Indicator2= Indicator(close data2,XXXX,XXXX,etc)data2;
Indicator2= Indicator(close,XXXX,XXXX,etc)data2;

maybe you get this

Indicator2[0] > Indicator2[1]......... 10 > 16

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