A True Composite Symbol for Multicharts.

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A True Composite Symbol for Multicharts.

Postby synonym » 12 Jul 2009

Hi folks

I'm a real coding novice and wondered if any of you experts (or non-experts, i'm not choosey!) out there could help me.

I want to be able to create a custom symbol in order to chart the spread differential between two (or ideally 3 or more) symbols in Multicharts.

I would want to be able to weight the consistuent symbols, so for example have symbol 1 as 1.00, symbol 2 as -0.50 and symbol 3 as -0.50. I would want the function to chart the differential between those symbols as one symbol (and not as an indicator). This would then allow me to utilise all of the indicators and functionality in MC to analyse this true composite symbol.

I know i can do this, through merging symbol data in excel and using ASCII format to bring it in to MC, but this is quite messy and timeconsuming, particularly for quite a few different symbols. Ideally the composite symbol would be able to import the data from whatever dataprovider i am using and picking the data up from the selected symbols via quotemanager.

Someone has created a composite symbol (CompoSymbol) indicator and this can chart the differential between two symbols, but it does this as an indicator and so means you cannot have other indicators/analysis based on it.

I was wondering whether,
1. Is this actually possible in MC?
2. Has anyone has already had the need for this and so already done the coding?
3. If so, would they be kind enough to share it?

Looking forward to see if anyone can help or advise.

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