MultiCharts 5.5 Beta 5 available

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MultiCharts 5.5 Beta 5 available

Postby Stanley Miller » 13 Aug 2009

Multicharts 5.5 Beta 5 is now available



Data Sources has been added as a supported data feed.
A new data feed has been added. Historical and real-time tick, minute and daily data is available.


Backtesting and Optimization
1. Under certain conditions, Max Portfolio Close to Close Drawdown in Portfolio Report does not match values on the Equity Curve with Close to Close Drawdown graph.
2. When different resolutions are mixed, Max Intraday Drawdown in Portfolio Optimization Report does not match Max Portfolio Drawdown.
3. Some input combinations in Genetic Optimization cause Population Size to be calculated incorrectly.
4. When Walk-Forward Optimization is used with the Bar Magnifier mode enabled, NetProfit will not match the NetProfit in Performance Report (with the same inputs applied).
5. Genetic Walk-Forward Optimization does not factor in Population Size or Max Number.
6. The ‘Study is missing data’ message is shown when one of the strategies references information symbols even if the remaining strategies do not reference them.
7. Wrong Equity Curve Detailed in Portlio Performance Report.

Data Sources
1. OpenECry doesn't work with the new sim server.
2. Zenfire and Rithmic listen to market depth instead of best bid/best ask.

1. With the option Auto-Hide Title enabled, a chart window is alternately maximized and minimized.
2. Long Backfilling waiting time.

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