Date UI in PortfolioBacktester is different

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Date UI in PortfolioBacktester is different

Postby MC_Prog » 06 Aug 2009


In the Portfolio Backtester, the date format is:

Below is for March 6 thru August 5 .


In a chart, when setting up a symbol, the date format is:



Why the discrepancy?

IMO, there is no value in doing it differently in different places - it only creates confusion.

I favor the mm.dd.yyyy, as that's what the calendar tools natively do in basically all the apps I use.
PB date format
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Symbol date format
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Postby RobotMan » 07 Aug 2009

I've been enjoying my summer here in California and I'm back home for a few days and thought I would check in here. It's been a while since I've Angered Andrew or Maligned Marina.:)

I don't like the dates in the PLE UI either. When you open a study, the dates look funny (IMO), even though they sort correctly, it just looks counter intuitive. I like to see the largest time increment on the left and the smallest on the right. Everyone has different tastes I guess.

You know what would be cool for all Windows based programs? If they took their internal codes and used the Windows Regional and Language Options in Control Panel for display purposes. Or even copied the way that Excel allows customization of the way cells are displayed under "format/cells/custom". Then everyone would get what they want; the programmer could use what he/she wants and the user could display it the way he/she wants. Bam, winners everywhere.
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