Multicharts and Open & Cry data

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Multicharts and Open & Cry data

Postby CrazyNasdaq » 08 Sep 2009

Has anyone solved the problem with OEC data on the latest 5.5 beta 5 of MC ?
I've contacted again support at OEC Desk and they told me that no one has problems with OEC data with third parity software.

This is my mail to OEC support:
My name is ***** and I've an account with Open&Cry data and I use Multicharts Platform.
Last days, after the Upgrade to the 3.4 version of OEC, Multicharts had problems to recieve data from OEC.
I Have the last version of MC (5.5 beta 5) which worked before the upgrade to the 3.4 release of OEC.
Support from MC tells me that this is a problem from You because they upgrade the OEC's API to the latest version.
When will be possible to have OEC data in MC again ??"

This is OEC's support answer to my mail:

"Our API was upgraded to version 3.4. Did Multicharts say that they upgraded their code to work with OEC? We notified all of the third party developers that their coding will need to be upgraded as well.
However, I have not heard other customers say that their Multicharts is not working with OEC so this could be an isolated issue. Can you provide more details of what isn’t working? "

Has anyone solved the problem and I'm the last who can't connect to OEC data, or the problem is still there and I'm not the only one who can't still recieve OEC data ??


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OEC data feed problem connecting to MC

Postby vjonesfl » 09 Sep 2009

I am having the same problem with OEC and get the same response. were you able to get OEC data feed to MC?

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Andrew Kirillov
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Postby Andrew Kirillov » 11 Sep 2009

Dear Sirs,

Please use MC version 5.5 build 2723.

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