Recovering custom indicators after a fatal computer crash!

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Recovering custom indicators after a fatal computer crash!

Postby miracleworkertrading » 22 Sep 2009

Hi Everyone,
I'm new on the boards and have a complicated (to me) issue.

I recently had a fatal crash of my XP computer. I had a lot of custom indicators I developed and some workspaces, strats, functions I developed on the computer. Everything was on MC 5.0.

I have an on-line backup service, so all the files are intact, off-site on a server. However, I CANNOT run the old computer - I can only copy and download anything that was on the old computer. Thus, I CANNOT archive and export my work.

I bought a new computer now (Vista x64 - I know, I'm sorry about that too ;-) ) and have installed a fresh copy of MC 5.5. I have access to all the TSSupport/MC files on the old computer, but cannot find my custom work. And remember, I cannot run the program on the old system - I can only copy the existing files and paste them somewhere else.

I contacted chat help today and was told to find a file called 'StudyServer' in a certain place and then to paste it into my new system. What I found was in a different place, but was called 'StudyServer' and is an .exe file. I assume this is the right one. I copied the StudyServer.exe from the old computer and pasted it IN PLACE OF the same named file on my new system.

When I fired up MC, I had no indicators available. None whatsoever, none of my custom work, but also no moving averages, no MACD, no stochastics - nothing. I opened up the Editor, and there were no indicators or signals, only the standard functions. Nothing to compile at all. I reversed the changes and all the standard indicators came back.

So the StudyServer is associated with the indicators, but did not solve my problems.

I want to be able to copy from my old computer files and paste into a fresh MC 5.5 and have all of my custom work restored. I hope I can get some help here on the board, as the Help Chat hours are exactly the same as my work hours and I can't really deal with this at work.

BTW, the StudyServer files on my systems are found as follows:

C:/Program Files/TS Support/MultiCharts/StudyServer.exe

C:/Program Files (x86)/TS Support/MultiCharts/StudyServer.exe

I appreciate any insight into this and would LOVE some explicit step by step instruction on how to do this.



brodnicki steven
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Postby brodnicki steven » 22 Sep 2009

** The folders are hidden, so you need to change folder options to "show hidden files and folders" first, to locate them.

I think if you install MC on your new machine and then overwrite all 3 of your data files, with your old data files, then it will work on your new machine. (including custom indicators)

My (XP) file location is
"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\TS Support\MultiCharts\Databases"

I think it's a different location with Vista. (but not sure, search for .gdb files)

Good luck-

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Postby miracleworkertrading » 23 Sep 2009

Thanks Steven. That sheds some light on things. I have located the .gdb files you mentioned - on my new system. I am trying to find then on my archived old system - I am not finding them so far. I think hidden folders were not backed up on the Mozy servers. I had to manually select the folders to back up when I installed the program and I did not think to protect hidden folders. I think I am screwed. Unless I can have a repair shop recover the .gdb databases from my old hard drive. An option but a pricey one....

I appreciate the help.


FWIW - The Vista location of the .GDB databases - for anyone else this can help is:

C:\ProgramData\TS Support\MultiCharts\Databases

and they are hidden.

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Postby TJ » 23 Sep 2009

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\TS Support\MultiCharts

try replace all users with your username.

you should copy all the sub-directories under \TS Support\MultiCharts
because your indicators and workspaces are saved in various sub-folders.

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Postby miracleworkertrading » 24 Sep 2009

Thanks TJ. I'll give it a try and post how it goes. On my archived XP system I found the files you are referring to at:

C:\Documents and Settings\{Username}\Local Settings\Application Data\TS Support\MultiCharts

Sounds close enough, and it was archived, unlike the hidden folders. I am hopeful and will have some time to investigate it on the weekend. Thanks for your help.


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