Down loading data from TS

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Down loading data from TS

Postby familytrading » 28 Sep 2009

I am a new user to MC but a long time TS user. I am using my TS for the data feed for both historical and real time data. I followed the tutorial for getting the @ES.D data from 7/1/04 to today on a 3 minute chart.

that went fine, but it took a long time. No big deal. Now I then wanted to add another window to the workspace. I did that and went to the @NQ.D data. I did everything the same, and set the time frame for this window to be 3M. OK, the market then closed. Well, I didn't get anything for the NQ chart????

In playing around with the chart timing, I did get the chart to appear when I hit the seconds timing. When I used 60 seconds, the chart appeared and started to back fill the data. No big deal. Then I went to the minute bug and guess what, no chart when I clicked on 1M. ???? It kept saying I was offline on the status line above when I went to the minute scale but at the second scale no issue.

I did a search but could not find anyone with a similar issue. I am new so I am probably doing something real stupid, but after about an hour, I decided to give up and write this request.

the quote manager is open and in the event log it is bringing in the data, all though very slowly.

One final issue, I went in and looked at the data feed and its parameters in the quoteManager for TS and found the block for down loading data to not store the data locally. I assume that is why I had to do this twice.

A minor gotcha but I would recommend that the "default" be to store the downloaded data locally for us new guys who didn't know about it. When we closed MC, I lost all of the data.

OH well, I hope this is something real stupid.


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Postby tekram » 30 Sep 2009

perhaps something can be learned from reading this:

In addition, a corrupted cache symbol in TS WILL stop MC from loading that symbol in MC. The only fix seems to be to delete that specific symbol's cache in the TS cache.

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