kaspersky internet security 2010 blocking IB datafeed

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kaspersky internet security 2010 blocking IB datafeed

Postby fugu » 05 Oct 2009

I just installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 on my notebook and now I can't receive any data from IB for any MC workspaces. Strange thing is that I have no problem on receiving data on an eSignal datafeed after the installation.

The settings in Kaspersky are the default ones.

I would prefer to keep Kaspersky installed as it seems to catch a lot of malware but I can't figure out what setting to change in Kaspersky to allow the IB datafeed to get through.

Has anyone come across this problem before or has any suggestions.



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Postby wegi » 06 Oct 2009

I have KIS 2010 installed too, but i dont have problems with the TWS and receiving data from IB. I am not sure, if KIS promted a message, when i first started the programms.
But i had some problems with other programs, the solution was to add them to the "confidential zone"

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Postby fugu » 09 Oct 2009

Thanks wegi for the suggestion.

I finally was able to figure out a way around the problem. It seems when I log into Internet Explorer and/or Firefox browsers first and then try to log onto IB and MC afterward, the problem occurred. But if I just log into IB and MC as the first 2 applications after booting up, the problem does not appear.

I am not a computer expert so I am not sure but maybe there is some sort of conflict between those programs accessing the same computer resources.


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