IntrabarOrderGeneration and insideask

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IntrabarOrderGeneration and insideask

Postby dannyz » 03 Nov 2009

I have posted a question related to intrabarordergeneration earlier and got some answers, but i am still struggling to figure out how to use it. I dont know if understand correctly but, if you use the value true for intrabarordergeneration you are able to generate orders intra bar? i want to beable to generate an order as soon as possible when my signal is generated and not have to wait for " next bar" i read that you can use " insideask " to do this. I just can figure out how to use it.

Buy ( parle ) insideask.... this is where i am struggling any suggestions would be greatly appreciated



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Postby TJ » 03 Nov 2009

when intrabarordergeneration is enabled,
your order is sent at the next tick instead of next bar.

you write your code the same way:

BUY ("B") next bar at market;

will be executed as if the code is written as

BUY ("B") next TICK at market;

but there is no such syntax as "next tick at market"...

this is a legacy idiosyncrasy of EasyLanguage...

you see, not too long ago, there were no such thing as IOG.
this is an after thought... an add on with the advent of high speed personal computer technology, internet technology, broadband, online broker, intra-day analysis, sub-minute analysis, etc.,

in order to make all the "old" strategies work without re-writing all the codes,
the syntax was left at next bar at market.

insideask is another story.

if you want the order to get filled immediately,
you have to submit a market order.
your risk is slipperage.

if you use insideask or insidebid,
your risk is order not getting filled.


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Postby dannyz » 03 Nov 2009

Ok thank you very much TJ that makes alot of sense
i tried writing buy at next tick but that didnt work but the way you explained it cleared it all up

much apprecitated
danny z

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