Backing Up MultiCharts .wsp and other user ceated files

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glen demarco
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Backing Up MultiCharts .wsp and other user ceated files

Postby glen demarco » 25 Nov 2009

The excellent article in the knowledgebase describing the backup process for MultiCharts mentions .wsp files.

Someone PM'd me they could not locate any .wsp files so I thought perhaps other may be interested in knowing that if one did not do a "Save Workspace As" from a chart screen those files will not be there. Therefore it is always a good idea once a MultiChart configuration, symbols, studies etc. is decided upon for a that a user defined named workspace be created. This way in the case of a restore the enviromenet should be identical.

While ont the topic of Backups, everybodys favorite thing to hate doing. When I worked as a systems engineer way back in my IT daty we used to have an expression. "you can never have too many backups".

Given the nature of trading and the absollute reliance on MuctiCharts there is an excellent article in the Knowledge that describes in complete detail to process of backing up and restoring your multicharts.

With proper backups, and by proper backup I'm referring to a raliable portable device media such as CD. A backup copy somewhere on the same C: drive where MultiCharts is running will not be accessable if the C drive fails, amd the occasionally do fail.

USB drives can be used or other external disk drives, but a CD that can be written to once only is my preferred backup device.

I can sit down at a brand new workstation, download the latest version of MultiCharts, import and copy my studies and other customized MultiChartrs files and be up and trading in less then an hour and that's if a few things go wrong. Ideally it should take 10-15 minutes.

in IT there was There is an excellent entry

brodnicki steven
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Postby brodnicki steven » 29 Nov 2009

A "thumb drive" would work well as a backup too. These days an 8gb thumb drive(USB) is less than $20 and very portable- reliable too.

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