How to trade between ticks?

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How to trade between ticks?

Postby ppan » 14 Dec 2009

For example:
Stock1 is data1:
9:00 10.00
9:05 11.00

Stock2 is data2:
9:00 1.00
9:01 2.00
9:02 3.00
9:03 4.00
9:04 5.00
9:05 6.00

I want to trade stock1 based on the price of stock2. At 9:02, the price of stock2 is 3.00 and the price of stock1 is 10.00(no change from 9:00). I want to buy 100 share of stock1 at 9:02. However, MC cannot buy the stock1 at 9:02 because there is no tick. Until 9:05, the MC can buy the stock1 at 11.00 but the price has been moved up.

Anyone know how to solve this problem?

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Postby bowlesj3 » 14 Dec 2009

Right now there is no way to execute a study or indicator between ticks. It has been requested as a feature for MC however. I will get back to this thread and include the URL link to that thread as a reminder that more than 1 or 2 would like to see this feature and for more than one reason.

Of course you could execute outside MC manually as I do and use MC as a helper rather than using it for full automation. That is the only way around it at the moment that I know of.

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Use bid ask data for stock 1

Postby hero » 16 Dec 2009

and select "Extended Strategy backtesting on bid and ask date" under "Strategy Propertys" settings

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