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MultiCharts 6.0 Beta

Postby Stanley Miller » 15 Dec 2009

Dear MultiCharts Users,

Multicharts 6.0 Beta is now available. We are starting beta-testing of a new version of MultiCharts that will include an extensive list of new features and enhancements, please the complete list below. This version is stable enough to use it for everyday work, however, some bugs might appear as happens in any beta version. Customers willing to participate in beta-testing are welcome to install this beta version, use its new functionality and inform us about all found problems in this thread. As soon as we fix all the problems found during beta-testing, the release of the new version will be announced.



Order & Position Tracker
Allows monitoring orders, positions, and logs during auto trading.

Data Playback
Allows playing historical data either tick-by-tick or on the bar basis. In the Global Mode, data can be played back on multiple symbols in one or more charts. Adjustable playback speed; ability to skip X bars/ticks forward/back. The playback is controlled by familiar DVD-player-like buttons and a cursor to select the starting point.

Precise Price Marker
The pointed marker makes traders’ work easier by providing a more accurate price level display compared to the conventional rectangular marker, thus making a trader’s work easier. The marker style (old or new) can be toggled in Format Window -> Y-Price Scale -> Precise Marker.

Time to Close Сountdown
Is shown below the price marker and shows how many minutes, seconds, ticks, or volume are left till bar close. The option can be enabled in Window -> Y-Price Scale -> Countdown.

Custom Continuous Futures
Allows creating continuous back-adjusted data series from individual futures contracts. The feature is indispensable when working with brokers and data feeds that provide individual contracts only, thus making it impossible to test strategies and compromising the accuracy of indicators that require a lot of historical data. Various back-adjustment methods are available as well as the creation of continuous data series based on the nearest or future contracts.

Point & Figure, Kagi, Renko, Line Break Charts
Two chart-plotting algorithms are now available: starting at the beginning of the requested period or starting at the beginning of each session. In the first case, same-symbol charts having different start dates will be different. In the second case, charts will be identical irrespective of the starting point; however, data that were not included in the last bar of a session will not be carried over to create the first bar of the next session.

IQFeed Data Source
Symbol lookup for Stock, Index, Future, Option, Forex, Fund, Bond, Spread is now available.

Holiday List
It is now possible to specify dates to be ignored in indicator and strategy calculations.

Digital Rights Management
The DRM system has been improved and can now work through a proxy. To specify the proxy server, right-click on Not Authorized in the status line and select Proxy Settings.

Real-time Market Scanner Enhancements
· Scanner rows can now be selected, copied, pasted, and/or deleted.
· Groups can be now created by entering //Group in a cell, where Group is the title of a group.
· Groups can be collapsed/expanded.
· Data snapshot can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
· Sorting criteria and direction now appear in the column titles.
· Fields provided by a data feed, such as Low 52 week, BidSize, TimeStamp etc., can be viewed in the scanner without the help of indicators. A field can be selected by right-clicking the scanner header.

GUI: Resizable dialogs
Increased Inputs space in the Format Study window.

Auto trading
Unfilled Strategy Order Placement is now available for the Synchronous mode.

Open E Cry Broker Plugin
In addition to providing data for charts, this popular broker can now be used for auto trading from MultiCharts.

Interactive Brokers
· Financial Advisor Settings have been improved. The Account field has been added. Three settings options are available: 1. Automatic (Group, Percentage, and Method must be specified); 2.Manual (only Profile must be specified); 3. Single account (only Account must be specified).
· Either native or MultiCharts emulated OCO groups are now available.
· The OCO order size can now be reduced.

Zen-Fire, Rithmic Trader
· An account list can be received in the Order Settings tab.
· Initial Market Position can now be assigned in the Synchronous mode.

Data Management
It is now possible to receive continuous data from by adding the @ sign before a symbol name. For example, @ESU9 will receive data for previous months.

Zen-Fire, Rithmic Trader data source
Now provides history on trades for minute (1 week available) and tick (1 day available) data.
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Postby Stanley Miller » 01 Jan 2010

Multicharts 6.0 Beta 2 is now available.



Auto trading
• The 'Assign the Initial Market Position at the Broker' dialog window is now shown at all times, even when the strategy has a market position of zero.
• It is now possible to access the account list for Zen-Fire on the Order Settings page.
• FA-Account settings for IB have been expanded.
• An option to "Recalculate the strategy on broker events" has been added to the 'AutoTrading' options tab.
• It is now possible to send special orders with the "Reduce Size" type in an OCO group.
• An error message is now displayed if a connection attempt is made during EndOfDay.
• MaxOpenPositionProfit is now sent to generate special orders.
• "Replace Unfilled Stop/Limit Orders To Market" for synchronous auto trading has been added.
• It is now possible to receive real-time data from the chart to monitor special orders, replacement, and to calculate Open Position Profit.

• New keywords added to ensure compilation of certain scripts, which compile successfully in TS.
• The 'reciprocal(x) = 1/x' command has been added to PowerLanguage.
• New keywords have been added to allow access to trade properties if pyramiding is turned on.

• The term 'Symbol' has been replaced by the term 'Instrument'.
• The DataWindow is now automatically minimized when all MC windows are minimized.
• The 'Certified' column has been removed from the list in the Data Sources window.
• Unused second-level tabs have been removed from the Format Instrument window.
• It is now possible to see the OpenInt value for day bars.
• The Strategy Report now displays signal input parameters and usage of the magnifier.
• Indicators C_(ShowMe) now have the 'Update on every tick' checkbox unchecked by default.
• A backtesting option has been added to "Fill limit order when trade price goes beyond limit price by X points".


Auto Trading
• A Price order is not converted to a Market order if several orders from a OCO group need to be replaced simultaneously.
• Broker settings are not accessible if the 'Merge' option is selected, and symbols from several exchanges are being merged.
• TradingServer process overloads the processor while waiting for events from the broker.
• The 'Assign the Initial Market Position at the Broker' dialog window opens randomly.

• GetAppInfo function with parameters aiPLofAcctCurrency does not compile.
• An exception occurs when the function F_HIghest_A is created.
• After script compilation the cursor automatically moves outside of the main window.
• Signals are calculated differently in TS and MC. This bar on Close + PriceOrder.
• The keyword i_Market_Position_at_Broker does not work for an FA-account.
• '" and "Swith.. case sell" do not compile.
• A study causes a system hangup during compilation if its text has specific symbols.
• The commission is not taken into account when exiting and calculating PositionProfit.
• Strategies are not calculated properly with signals containing 'next bar' and 'crossover'.
• GetPlotColor function works differently in TS and MC.

• Deadlock when opening a workspace with add-ons.
• An error occurs during optimization of an attached strategy (using TL_SetColor) in real-time on a multi-core CPU.
• A system hangup occurs when two workspaces with detached windows are opened simultaneously at program start.
• After compilation of a signal, memory usage increases and continues to stall.
• Chart settings are reset when chart styles are changed in the Format Instrument window; colors and line styles are not applied to the chart.
• When the Chart Style is changed, the Chart Style table is not refreshed in the Format Symbol window under Windows Vista.
• 'Disconnected' message in the chart status line.
• Merge settings are reset if the Symbol tab is clicked in the Format Symbol window and then the OK button is pressed.
• Problems in the Format Symbol window when the used data source is inactive.

• IB data feed: No filtering of bars with zero volume on indexes.
• The last bar at market close is not displayed on the chart.
• Mapped data for 10 TickBar stops being filled after mapping another 1TickBar.
• Bad ticks are received from eSignal at session open.
• Tick doubling in real-time from Tenfore data feed.
• Symbol data is not received in some cases from the BarChart's data feed.
• Exchange code is not recognized for Forex on the BarChart data feed.
• System locks up during a large number of requests with the BarChart data feed.
• It is impossible to build more than 5 real-time trade charts simultaneously on the OpenECry data feed.
• Problems with using Futures from the TradingTechnologies data feed.

• Old WS with a scanner window holding more than 51 symbol opens with only 51 symbol.
• In the Scanner it is now possible to copy/paste several rows.
• A group of rows cannot be inserted into the Scanner window using the [Ctrl+V] or [Shift+Ins] key combinations, and the Scanner crashes if an inserted symbol has more than 259 characters.
• When opening an old workspace with a scanner, the table must have a row selector with active numbering.

Custom Continuous Futures
• The error window that opens when Custom Futures is being constructed without a single contract is not informative.

• Incorrect 'Expired' field in the Edit Symbol dialog.
• The symbol selection changes while editing settings.

• The 'Save' dialog window does not open in some cases in the 3D Visualizer.
• System crashes during genetic optimization without CFF on a Quad-core CPU with a certain combination of inputs.
• A deadlock occurs during optimization.

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Postby Stanley Miller » 28 Apr 2010

Multicharts 6.0 Beta 3 is now available.



• Custom Futures for eSignal symbols with postfixes.
Custom Futures can now be created for eSignal symbols that have postfixes as part of their name.
• Custom Futures for IB DAX symbol.
It is now possible to plot custom futures for symbols whose root is different from the root specified in the symbol’s name.
• The ‘Open’ field in the status line.
Values for the Open field will now be fed into the status line for IB symbols.
• Ability to add and work with symbols of Stock category from OpenECry datafeed.
MB Trading
• MB Trading is now supported as a data feed and a broker.
Data Playback
• Access to combobox for selecting detalization.
The combobox which allows selecting the detalization for data playback will now always be accessible.

• Right-click does not cancel highlighting
When right-clicking on a highlighted cell in a scanner window, the cell remains highlighted.

• The ‘Unverified’ status for uncompiled studies
When opening a workspace with uncompiled studies, these studies will remain on the chart with the ‘unverified’ status.

• Alerts when running out of the hard drive space
If the hard drive is running out of space when MultiCharts is plotting data, a notification warning about the lack of space will be shown.
• Alerts when running out of memory
When memory consumption by one of MultiCharts processes approaches 1.5 Gb a notification will be shown.
• Notification when saving data
When the data are being flushed from the cash into the permanent database a notification will be shown.


• When reloading history, the data is requested starting from the current day instead of being requested for the specified range only.
• 1-tick resolution cannot be plotted if ASCII Mapping is selected as the provider.
• After a reload, the data for the current day is lost.
• ASCII Mapping symbols are not loaded either in the scanner or on a chart.
• Double ticks appear when real-time data for indices from BarCharts are plotted.
• Ticks with the zero price on historical data from Zen-Fire are not filtered out.
• Local time is used for quotes instead of exchange time
• Interactive Brokers: different Bid and Ask volumes at MultiCharts and TWS.
• The value of connected clients counter at IQ Connection Manager exceeds maximum possible value of 3.
• Real-time data from IB are one hour different from the actual time for symbols from ICE, COMEX and NYMEX.

• The program runs out of memory when large numbers of bars (10 – 17 million) are plotted.
• The ‘up’ and ‘down’ colors in candlesticks are reversed when a workspace created in MultiCharts 5.5 is opened.
• When working in the offline mode, certain session settings will result in the data for the latest session not being displayed.
• Indicators are calculated differently in MultiCharts and TS (if they contain Text_GetActive,, TL_GetActive).
• The user Session Template is reset on opening a workspace if other Session Templates have been added to the database.
• 1-day resolution cannot be plotted using minute data while the 24-hour resolution is plotted.
• Wrong ‘Close’ values on Kagi charts.
• Show Empty Period does not work when a single data series is plotted.
• Symbols in the newly created Insert Instrument dialogue are filtered based on the most recent plotted symbol.
• Wrong Last Date in the Format Objects dialogue.
• .rld glob does not work for a chart containing a series with the ‘Establishing connection…’ status in the status line.
• Search in the Insert Study dialogue only works from the top down.
• Minute series of Custom Features do not get back-adjusted properly.
• When the symbol of the price series is changed, the indicator scale is not recalculated.
• Daily forex data from IB stop updating after a new session starts.
• Selected realtime-symbol not shown when Merge options is set in Format Instrument dialog.
• Gap in non-regular (Point&Figure, Kagi, Renko) chart type series after reloading at realtime: consecutive equitype columns on chart.

When changing the font size in the scanner, an active cell overlies the symbol.

Data Playback
• In the Playback mode, indicator applied to the second data series is not plotted.
• Wrong option on the Data Playback speed slider.
• Drawings cannot be cloned in the Data Playback mode.

• Regional settings are not applied to optimization dialogues.
• TS and MC indicator calculation mismatch in functions where not all control paths return a value.
• Order's number of lots is calculated using the order execution's bar price instead the last known price.
• variable 1 bar ago - compiles in TS, doesn't compile in MC.
• Next bar's price (date or time) and SetExitOnClose cannot be used simultaneously in the same signal.
• Indicators calculated incorrectly when multiple calls made to a serial function when parameters differ in number of barsback only.
• Error compiling OnDestroy = EasyLanguageRtlOnDestroy.

Auto Trading
• Some orders in TWS remain unfilled and require manual confirmation.
• Exceptions appear when auto-trading through Zen-Fire on a multicore 64 x OS
• When auto-trading through Zen-Fire, orders generated on small resolutions get cancelled with an assert.

Add-ons do not work in Windows 7

Backtesting and Portfolio Reports
• Values based on trades are calculated incorrectly.
• Settings page in Strategy Perfomance Report is messed up if the signal has a string input.

• Error messages when launching TWS 903 through MultiCharts.
• Hot keys stop working after choosing not to save changes to a workspace on exiting MultiCharts.
• SessionLastBar returns wrong values on daily bars.
• The date in the ‘From … To’ field is displayed incorrectly if a workspace has been open for more than a day.
• Pressing Space when there is an active detached window restores the main window from minimized state.
• Crash on Window 7 at isc_expand_dbp() function call.
• Add/Edit Custom Futures dialog in QuoteManager doesn't get restored on it's former place on an active monitor.
• Inputs values are not applied after optimization in Portfolio.

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Postby Stanley Miller » 29 Jun 2010

Multicharts 6.0 Beta 4 is now available.



· It is now possible to add "Market Statistic" symbols as indexes with IQFeed data provider.

Auto Trading
· Trade through several accounts from different charts with Trading Technologies broker plug-in.
· If pyramiding is enabled and several simulated entries are made before Autotrading is turned on, software now takes them into consideration as separate entries and is able to use "exit from entry" logic in asynchronous Autotrading mode on those entries.

· Status Line values are reflected with appropriate colors, relative to price movements.

· Warning message when memory usage approaches critical.


· Incorrect number of bars back was reloaded on price series.
· Point resolution had incorrect volume.
· Status Bar "last" and "close" values did not match chart price and eSignal Monitor price.
· Unable to obtain more than two years of historical minute-based data from IQFeed.
· Forex ticks with zero volume are filtered out for IQFeed data provider.
· Custom Futures with Interactive Brokers data provider do not update after chart is copied and pasted.
· Infinite backfilling when constructing Custom Futures with adjustment with TS data provider.
· Infinite backfilling when constructing Custom Futures chart with certain resolutions. Chart does not get plotted to the end.
· Situation when chart is not updated (Korean futures contract in Eastern TimeZone).
· No data for some index symbols from Interactive Brokers.

· Different backtesting results on historical and real-time data when using two data series.
· Exception when using ELExcel.dll and referencing empty cells with ELXL_GetCellStringRC function.
· pELObj->CloseMD[dataN]->AsDouble[0] when N > 1 does not work. "Wrong parameters" message displayed.
· Sometimes one exit was applied several times to one entry.
· Incorrect behavior of "Repeat... until" functionality.
· Certain simple functions compile when they should not.
· Studies with [SameTickOpt=true] attribute do not compile.
· If script has exit from entry programmed before entry that needs to be exited, ExitFromAll command is incorrectly generated instead of Exit From Entry.
· "Recalculate" for indicators is not equal to switching status On/Off when dealing with multiple data series.
· Calculations of certain indicators differs in TS and MC.
· Error message was unclear on which keywords could not be used in indicators.
· Problems with indicators which have Displacement > 0 when Auto-detect MaxBarsBack is on.
· Indicator not calculated correctly in real-time.

· Random crashes after modifying optimization inputs.
· Assert and exception messages during Walk-Forward Optimization if Bar Magnifier mode needs to be shut off.
· Regional settings not applied to optimization dialog windows.

Auto Trading
· Rejected orders were resent to Zen-Fire in IOG mode
· Percent Trailing Stop order price was not calculated correctly.
· Percent Trailing Stop order price would not change when instrument price changed
· Price orders sent outside of specified session times.
· Autotrading does not work in PerTradeBasis mode for FXOrder2Go broker plug-in.
· Trade through several accounts from different charts with Trading Technologies broker plug-in.
· Entries made prior to turning on Autotrading are taken into consideration and used in "Exit from Entry" logic while Autotrading.
· Account information for Patsystems is not saved in workspaces.
· Options cannot be autotraded for Interactive Brokers (Stock Option: K200220G0.KS and Futures Option: ESN0 C1090).

· Data provider information was not displayed correctly when Scanner symbols were copied and pasted.
· Status Line values are reflected with appropriate colors, relative to price movements.
· Symbols are present in workspaces, while not shown in Scanner windows.
· Remove Instrument/Group menu name randomly changes depending on which cell it was called from.
· Instrument cell context menu does not have Clear Content, Cut, Copy, and Paste options.
· Arrow, Del, and Ctrl+Del keys do not work in Scanner cells.
· Some Custom Futures fields required for Status Line are missing.
· Exception occurs when opening properties of Futures if database was replaced by an older version (before Expiration Rules).
· Problems when importing ASCII files that contain "Symbol" column.
· Error occurrs when attempting to select "Symbol" heading for ASCII files.
· Problems with ASCII Data Import dialog window in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
· Problem with ASCII Import if only a partial data range is selected.
ASCII Mapping
· ASCII Mapping does not work for certain files.
· ASCII Mapping does not work for files that have data for several symbols.
· Last bar not displayed on daily chart when using ASCII Mapping.
· Saved image of a chart contains incorrect text.
· Print command for a chart window results in printing empty pages.
· Exception occurs when opening workspace with indicators that work with drawings and real-time data.
· Main application window is restored after being minimized if an alphabetical/numerical key is pressed while viewing active detached window.

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