Multichart 5.5 : Bug on Passing "String" to a DLL

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Multichart 5.5 : Bug on Passing "String" to a DLL

Postby Emmanuel » 17 Dec 2009

Hi, :)

In the past few weeks, I was testing dll with Multicharts 5.5,

As I was passing Integer or , double to the DLL , it is working 100 % of the time.

But, when I passed string, to the DLL, a part of the string was not going
through, arround 20 % of the time.

And if the string is less than 3 caracteres it don't go to the dll.

For example, if I want to send the symbol name to my dll :

inside the indicator, I get the symbol name with the function symbolname, or getsymbolname and I can see those function are working fine as I print the results in a file.

But when I want to pass this information to the dll as a string , it work "only" 80 % of the time. and sometime it may even provoc an error by sending incorrect caracter.

I even, send the string straight, (like "test"), from the function of the dll without using any other function, and I still get this error

I did many test to confirm the information above.

I just wanted to let you know this, to correct this bug in MC 6.0 beta


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Re: Multichart 5.5 : Bug on Passing "String" to a

Postby janus » 01 Jan 2010

Emmanuel are you still having this problem? I do a lot of this but haven't come across the same problem, not yet at least.

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